Alpaca Shearing

Petlyn Park Alpacas offers an excellent shearing service at your place or ours. Shearing is done on fully equipped custom made tables and is as quick and stress free as possible. We cater for those who only have a couple of alpacas to larger herds. Joe comfortably shears up to 60 alpacas per day in the right conditions and is quite comfortable with shearing young cria. If requested Julie can come along as well to help with the skirting of fleeces and advice on what your fleeces are suitable for. Julie can also hand trim bonnets and tails on your show / sale alpacas.

There is no need to have access to power as we use a battery operated handpiece, we are also happy to shear outside as long as there is shade.

At the same time as shearing we can also offer trimming of toe nails, checking of teeth and general well being. We can also help with injections including 5 in 1, Hideject A, D & E and drenching.

Price is subject to the number of alpacas and the distance traveled. For smaller numbers booking early is important so where possible it can be arranged to shear them when Joe is in your area doing others on the same day to reduce the travel cost.

Your requirements

There needs to be someone present who is able enough to assist Joe handle the animals and help with securing them to the table. They will need to be of average strength and willing to learn, no experience is necessary.

Bags for your saddle fleece. You will need to decide beforehand if you will be seperating the neck fleece from the skirtings and have the appropriate bags available and a person to do it.

Bags/bins for the rubbish.

Plenty of old towels to mop up spit, urine and wipe down the table in between animals.

Please email Joe for more information