Wool Combs

English, Mini and Small Wool Combs

Some fibre / wool combing information:

Combing wool by using an ordinary comb or a special wool comb is a skill as old as spinning wool itself. The goal is to have the fibres lying parallel and aligned by length. The spun result is a worsted or semi worsted smooth yarn. The vegetable matter, second cuts etc are trapped between the rows of the combs and are easily removed.

The different size and pitch (number of rows) of the tines relates to the type of fibre being used and its length. The standard style combs are primarily for your stronger, longer fibres and the fine is for your low micron fibres. You can process stronger fibres on the fine combs, you just can’t do as much at a time due to resistance. Combing fine fibres on the standard style combs is not very successful as the tines are spaced too far apart to effectively trap the waste and shorter fibres.

Once combed, use a diz to draw the fibres off the comb. This creates a roving of even fibres and diameter that is guaranteed to spin like butter.

English Wool Combs

Our combsets include a wooden comb holder, 2 handles, diz, diz threader and a headset.

Please Note: Standard headsets are designed for longer, courser fleeces and are a little outdated for the majority of our Australian fleeces. They assist in the first stage preparation of suri alpaca and mohair fleeces, as the extra distance between the tines helps open up the locks without too much resistance. For best results finish with fine comb headsets.

Optional interchangeable headsets are available in standard 3 and 4 row, fine 3 and 4 row.

The sets available in stock are Blackwood.


Mini Wool Combs

Small Wool Combs