Stud Males Available for Services

Petlyn Park has a number of high quality stud males in a range of colours and prices to suit every budget. Our range is growing all of the time. We offer assistance in helping you with your alpaca breeding plan and are honest with our advice whether it be with males within our herd or outside of our herd if we feel we do not have a suitable mate. We take fleece samples and get the fleece stats done for all of our working males each year, these are available by request. We can also provide fleece stats for progeny/relatives of each stud male that reside at Petlyn Park.

Our prices are for drive through only, but we can quote an on farm fee which includes 60 days agistment and regular spit testing. Mobile matings incur a travel fee for each mating.


Matings to all Petlyn Park Stud Males come with a live cria guarantee. So if the pregnancy doesn’t hold or the cria does not survive past 7 days and all due diligence has been taken the owner is given a free remate for that female. The free remate can be to the same or equivalent Stud Male.