Belt Shuttle style 3 yellow box 15cm


Belt Shuttle for inkle, tablet and band loom weaving


Our Belt Shuttles (also known as band or tablet shuttles) have a knife edge on the long side to pack your weft firmly in place. Despite it’s size this shuttle can hold a good amount of weft.

It is made from Yellow Box timber that was ethically sourced from our own property. It was milled and finished by ourselves and has been carefully sanded by hand to achieve a very smooth finish. It has been clear coated and has a durable satin finish.

This shuttle is approximately 150mm long and 40mm high and 5mm thick.

If you would like this shuttle in a different size please contact us for a quote. As we manufacture these shuttles by hand it wouldn’t be a problem to make one to order.

Additional information

Weight 70 g
Dimensions 19 × 5 × 5.5 cm