Hexagon Loom – Set of Three


Hexagonal Pin Loom


Our range of hexagon pin looms fits on your lap and can be used almost anywhere. It is great for using up bits and pieces of yarns.

Purchasing the three together at $162.00 saves you $15.00

Our hexagon weaving pin looms are manufactured from a sturdy blackwood coated furniture grade plywood frame and our pins are especially machined from stainless steel with a smooth rounded tip. 

The looms”nest” into one another, making storage a breeze.

Each of the looms comes with a specially designed stainless steel needle/hook which features a stepped head with a smooth tip to assist with the last weaving row. It also features a hook end which has a closing collar for doing the diagonal or bias weave top and bottom triangle areas.

They also comes with a packing/beater fork to keep your woven rows neatly in place.

There are laser etched markings on the loom to assist with the weaving. The number of wraps used to measure your required yarn for finishing the weaving is laser etched on the back of each loom.

The instruction sheet features photos for each step as well as hints to enable you to finish your project.

They have regular spaced pins for the correct gauge to use 6 and 8 ply yarns.

Please note, these looms do not fit together with our square & triangle pin looms.



Additional information

Weight 400 g
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 5 cm