Possum Cage Swift – Birch Plywood


Our Possum Cage Swift is based on the American Squrrel Cage Swift


Our Possum Cage Swift has been based on the American Squirrel Cage Swift. We wanted to give it an Aussie name/theme.

A yarn swift is a device that you can place a skein or hank of yarn onto to help untangle the yarn. By placing the yarn on a swift, you can pull on one end of the yarn and use a ball winder to create your ball of yarn. You can also knit or crochet straight from it.

It is manufactured from furniture grade Birch plywood. The cages have sealed bearings on the front and back which require no maintenance and stainless steel tines, so they cannot snag your yarn. The shafts are stainless steel. The swift is fully finished in a clear coat. 

You can attach your wool winder to the top shelf.

It runs super smoothly and is fully adjustable to take any skein up to 2 metres or 78”.

The top cage has a handle to assist with making your skeins.

Please note: Our swift does not replace a niddy noddy and it is not its real function. You may not like the looser/uneven skeins that it produces, and it is not an acceptable reason for its return.

In some areas a courier is used as it is a cheaper option. In checkout please supply your full delivery address and we will contact you with your freight options and the total order amount due for payment.