English Wool Combset 4 Row Standard


This set includes a wooden comb holder, 2 handles, diz, diz threader and standard 4 row headsets. Two Petlyn screw clamps are included



This set includes a wooden comb holder, 2 handles, diz, diz threader, 2 Petlyn screw clamps and 2 standard 4 row headsets. 

Please Note: Standard headsets are designed for longer, courser fleeces. They are inefficient on most finer fleeces available in Australia.

They assist in the first stage preparation of suri alpaca and mohair fleeces, as the extra distance between the tines helps open up the locks without too much resistance. For best results finish with fine comb headsets.

The headsets are aluminium and the tines are precision machined from stainless steel. The first row has 11 x 3.2mm tines set 6.6mm apart and the working area is 10 cm wide and 17.5 cm high.

The timber we use is recycled Blackwood that is sourced from a local mill.

Optional interchangeable headsets are available in standard 3 row and 5 row. In fine 3 and 4 row.

The set comes with two Petlyn Screw Clamps which are designed on a classic cabinet makers bench clamp that holds tightly and won’t mark your product or surface. This adjustable screw clamp holds tightly on most surfaces. The angle betweek the jaws can be adjusted to give an even fit to your product and bench/table. The jaws are rubber lined to provide extra prevention against marking your product & bench/table. The jaws are blackwood to match the comb set. Maximum jaw capacity is 70mm. 


Additional information

Weight 2400 g
Dimensions 26 × 17 × 22 cm