Large Needle Felting Tool


This felting tool  includes 15 needles of your choice from our range.

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Our large felter tool has a wooden handle and a two piece brass head that holds the needles. You can install nine needles simultaneously, or you can have a single needle, three in a line, four in a square or any other combination. The choice of timber for the handle is Kiln Dried Ash, Red Gum, Yellow Box and Grey Box.

The weight of the brass head helps the tool work more efficiently, especially on large and thicker projects. Our tools are designed differently to others on the market in that the needles can be placed close together and work the area more evenly – most others are in a circle pattern with the centre area not having needles.

No water is necessary with needle felting & you can use any fibre. You can create sculptures, soft toys, jewelry and embellish knitting, weaving or fabric creations.

It includes 15 needles. The set of needles can be 4 white needles, 8 blue needles and 3 red needles. Or you can pick fifteen needles of your choice from our range by adding them in comments at checkout.

Our range includes:
White: 3” long, 40 gauge, triangular cross-section, 2x2x2 barbs.Fine finishing needle, minimises puncture marks on the finished surface. Barbs are very close together and ideal for working a surface skin over a softer felt underneath. Good for adding embellishments where there is a risk of damaging the embellishment with coarser needles.
Blue Felting Needle: 3 ½” long, 36 gauge, triangular cross-section, 2x2x2 barbs.A very fast needle, useful in the early stages of felting, including forming felt balls prior to shaping or quickly forming deep depressions in softly felted balls.
Red Felting Needle: 3 ½” long, 32 gauge. triangular cross-section, 3x3x3 barbs. A good general purpose needle which is stronger for felting at depth in balls to change their shape. Also useful for sculpting, drawing fibres into a thin area of felt and joining pieces of felt together.

Additional information

Weight 170 g
Dimensions 20 × 4 × 4 cm

Grey Box, K D Ash, Red Gum, Yellow Box