Maxi Tensioned Lazy Kate


The maxi lazykate fits up to three 18 centimetre diameter bobbins. Bobbins are not included.


Our tensioned lazykate has a blackwood base and stainless steel rods for your bobbins. It’s job is to control your bobbins while plying, stopping them from spinning freely. The nylon line runs around the bottom groove on your bobbins and tensions similar to a scotch tension on a spinning wheel. All of the rods etc are easily removed for flat storage/travelling.

It fits up to three 18 centimetre diameter bobbins or smaller. Bobbins are not included.

The timber we use is recycled Blackwood that is sourced from a local mill.

Please contact us with your bobbin size if you are unsure and we will let you know which one best suits or we will make it to order.

Additional information

Weight 1750 g
Dimensions 30 × 20 × 4 cm