Small and Mini Wool Comb Holder


A handy comb holder for our mini & small wool combs. Petlyn screw clamp included


This comb holder fits all of our Small and Mini comb handles. Securely attach your comb holder to your table or bench with the Petly screw clamp and tighten the top screw until the comb is held firmly between the two rubber pieces. This is a much easier way to clamp / unclamp your combs during use and also protects the handles from damage.

The holder and the jaws of the screw clamp are made from blackwood and are sealed with a heavy grade clear coat. 

Our Petlyn Screw Clamp is designed on a classic cabinet makers bench clamp that holds tightly and won’t mark your product or surface. This adjustable screw clamp holds tightly on most surfaces. The angle betweek the jaws can be adjusted to give an even fit to your product and bench/table. The jaws are rubber lined to provide extra prevention against marking your product & bench/table. Maximum jaw capacity is 70mm. 


Additional information

Weight 490 g
Dimensions 15 × 12 × 8 cm