18″ Circular Blending Hackle with a Mini Comb


Our handcrafted 8″ Blending Hackle features two staggered rows of precision machined stainless steel fine tines and comes with one mini comb. G Clamps not included.


Our handcrafted Circular Blending Hackle features two staggered rows of precision machined stainless steel fine tines. Each row has 90 tines which are set into an aluminium ring.

The working area of our hackle is 18 inches in circumference and is 3 inches high. The circular top rotates on the base, enabling the user to draw of a continuous roving. The handle can be used to adjust the rotational speed from full free run to stationary.

While it is generally thought that a blending hackle is not a fibre processing tool, it can be of assistance with teasing apart staples of raw fleece. Optioning the blending hackle with a mini wool comb means that you can process your raw fibre. If you want to use a diz to draw the fibre of the hackle, the fibre you use should be preprepared  and layered onto the tines in straight or random layers. It is best to use fibres of the same length but with experimentation you will soon be using a variety of mediums including threads, silk, commercial yarns etc for spinning yarns with stunning stripes and sparkle.

What you will love about making your own rovings on a blending hackle is you have total control on how the colours are going to work in it, whether it is the amount of colours and or types of fibres used or the proportions of each colour/type.

Due to current supply issues we are no longer able to supply G Clamps with our products. Our prices have been adjusted for the time being until we can secure regular stock of them again.

The Circular Blending Hackle comes with a diz and diz threader and one 2 row mini comb.

Additional information

Weight 3050 g
Dimensions 26 × 17 × 22 cm