Mini Wool Comb 3 Row Ultra Fine Kit


A Mini Wool Comb kit with a set of ultrafine headsets, a holder, a Petlyn screw clamp, a diz & diz threader.  

Our tines in the ultra fine headsets are only 1.2mm apart, which is suitable for the finest of fibres. This is the closest distance between the tines that you can get in Australia.



Our Ultrafine mini combset has 3 rows of tines. This comb has been specifically designed for fleeces which are less than 18 micron. The ultra fine spacing between the tines make them also suitable for short fibres. This kit comes with the comb set, a diz, diz threader, a Petlyn screw clamp and the comb holder for $190.00 which is a saving of $5.00.

Additional information

Weight 490 g
Dimensions 28 × 21 × 8 cm