Small Wool Combs Mega Offer with Holder


A Small Wool Comb kit with a set each of 3 row standard, 3 row fine & 3 row ultrafine headsets. It also includes a holder, diz & diz threader and Petlyn screw clamp. 


Purchase the Small combs with the 3 row standard headsets, the 3 row fine headsets & the 3 row ultrafine headsets, a Petlyn screw clamp, a diz, diz threader kit & comb holder for $465.00. You can now process the coarser long wools to the finest & ultra finest fibres available and blend them. This is a fibre enthusiasts dream. (a saving of $30.00).

The set comes with a Petlyn Screw Clamp which are designed on a classic cabinet makers bench clamp that holds tightly and won’t mark your product or surface. This adjustable screw clamp holds tightly on most surfaces. The angle betweek the jaws can be adjusted to give an even fit to your product and bench/table. The jaws are rubber lined to provide extra prevention against marking your product & bench/table. The jaws are blackwood to match the comb set. Maximum jaw capacity is 70mm. 


Additional information

Weight 1450 g
Dimensions 28 × 28 × 8 cm