Wool Comb Online Workshop


An online wool combing workshop for those with little or no experience

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13th June 2020 at 9.00am

Our wool comb online workshop is designed for those that have no experience in the art of wool combing or for those that want to explore more about using their combs. As a workshop I demonstrate wool combing techniques using mini combs. Participants will cover all aspects of wool combing from basics to using the combs for blending fibre types and colours. We will explore the use of a diz to produce your own top.


My maximum number per workshop is 8 people. The workshop can be run within 1.5 hours, but I have no problems if people need a little more time to ask questions etc.


Participants don’t necessarily need to own wool combs. My demonstration is instructional and it will give them an idea of if they feel they would like to own some wool combs in the future.

Please contact me if you have any questions

You will be emailed a link to join the GoToMeeting class. GoToMeeting is free and easy to use. You are in control of your privacy, you can mute yourself and hide your webcam if you prefer.